Velutia is the third most powerful being known to exist in the realm of Harneth. The creator of Harneth, she is the source of magic of all kinds, and her desire to learn more and expand her powers is immense. She is not fond of psionicists, as they mimic magical affects with non-magical causes. Since all spells cast by mortals increase her power, she does all she can to encourage the use of magic at all times.

Velutia is almost always present somewhere on her world, and loves to talk to people without revealing her true form. She has no set appearance, altering herself to the situation at hand.

Velutia, despite her creator status, is not on good terms with most of the other gods. Alacritas finds her too uncaring, while Nexara finds her too compassionate. She deals best with those who directly affect her planet: Cael, Pontus, and Indoles. She is often in contact with her parents Facere and Lecitus, and seeks their advice often.

The largest temple to Velutia is found in the wizard city of Zod on the Peninsula. The largest free standing building known to exist, this mammoth building is over twenty stories tall, and the walls on it depict wizards and priests in displays of magical power.

Priests of Velutia are usually above average in both intelligence and wisdom. Since Velutia does not prefer good over evil, it makes for a very interesting and diverse clergy. Those who truly follow Velutia often give up traditional weapons and armor, relying on their own magical powers instead.

Dedicated priests may be granted the right to be called Sorcerers. Thesee powerful paladins are in tune with magic itself, and have uncanny magical abiltites.


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