Nexara wishes for two things, the death of all who do not worship her, and the death of her sister Alacritas. These two goals fueled a rather intense hatred of most living things, and puts her in direct competition with most of the gods at some time or another. She wishes the well being and long life of all who serve her, although she often uses loyal subjects once they are dead as well. All dead things are in her care, although the actual judging of their rewards and punishments is done by Lecitus to ensure that the judgement is fair.

Nexara has quite a habit of appearing on the world to cause death. She seems to take perverse delight in peronsally destroying things. She encourages Bellum in his wars as the end reuslt is pleasing to her. She also spreads diseases in cities and towns, rejoiciing in their suffering. She has also been known to take the form of a common soldier in battle and slay people opponents personally, wathcing their life fade from their eyes.

Priests of Nexara are morose people obsessed with ending the life of others. Assassins are common in the church, and murder is a viable way to gain prestige and rank. Due to their chaotic nature, the worship of Nexara is often banned by formal governments, and forced underground. They often take refuge in crypts and graveyards, hiding in shadows and behind secret doors. Obviosly, there is no large temple to Nexara in civilized lands.

Dedicated priests may be given the right to become a Harbringer of Doom. These fearsome warriors can snuff out life with a gesture, and cause great suffering and grief. Unlike other paladins, these holy warriors tend to hide to the shadows and not reveal their true nature.


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