Lecitus is one of the two oldest known powers to exist in Harneth. Existing befre the world began, her very existence keeps the forces of chaos and entropy from running amok in the universe. She is married to Facere, and their union formed Velutia, goddess of magic.

Lecitus is a rather strict goddess, demanding total obedience to her decrees. She considers herself to be the ultimate judge and authority on all things. She does not favor life or death, good or evil, but the balance between the two. Because of this extreme neutrality, many of the gods harbor some resentment against her. Although some of the more violent gods try to thwart her plans, none are openly opposed to her.

Having existed before Velutia, Lecitus sees magic as a rather backwards way of accomplishing things. As such, she does not grant spells to her followers. Priests have no magical abilities, except in very rare occasions, the stuff of legends and lore.

Many of the temples to Lecitus are rather small, but nations that have strict and totalitarian governments, such as Barna, Tao, and Grash, often have larger ones.


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