Facere is one of the two oldest deities existing. His very existence is needed to keep the cosmos in an orderly fashion. He is the source of all time and cocnepts therein. He is married to Lecitus although their marriage is one of logic and not passion.

As a being this powerful, Facere tends to be rather vain and petty. He does not take well to people insulting him, and exacts terrible revenge for those he thinks have slighted him. Originally content with being the god of time, he became the god of travel and messages as people prayed for fast journeys. He finds these twists on his power to be fascinating, and an interesting outcome of what he has described as “the Velutia experiment”.

Facere considers himself to be above magic, and thus does not heal in it. His followers have no magical abilities granted to them, except in rare cicumstances of legend and lore. This is not to say that he is inattentive to the world. He will intervene if he thinks the disagreements between his “children” will cause severe damage to the world Velutia struggled so hard to create.

Most cities have small temples or shrines to Facere, but there is no general center of the faith.


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