Alacritas wishes for things to live as long as possible. She hates adulterers, incest, and child abusers, and has on more than one occasion, dealth with these offenders in person. All life is in her charge, include the young life of new lovers. She is very popular in villages, and her name is often invoked to bring good fortune to marriages and relationships.

Alacritas also denies the existence of half-breeds, beleiving in the purity of life. While relations and even marriage between two different mortal species is not frowned upon, there will not be any chidren as the result of such a union.

When appearing in the world, she takes the form of a beautiful woman. Her stunning beauty and grace is such that most are completely awed by her presence, and have trouble describing what she looks like in any detail.

Alacritas and Nexara have many disagreements, and their followers are sworn enemies. Alacritas also has many arguments with Bellum over the necessity of war.

The largest temple to Alacritas is found in the nation of Bastiff. The kingdom of Ralris also has a large temple, as well as several other cities throughout Harneth.

Priests of Alacritas usually are above average in both looks and grace, with the ability to communicate effectively. They vow to keep even opponenets alive at all times, doing their best to prevent any death. They tend to wield non-lethal instruments such as nets, lassos, ans saps.

Dedicated priests may be granted the right to become a Bringer of Mercy, a paladin of the faith. These followers’ very presence brings healing to an area, and are sought after for cures of powerful diseases.


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